Leigh’s Bees Honey

Leigh’s Bees are hived in apiaries dotted along North Norfolk’s beautiful coastline and organic farms/nature reserves inland. The aim is to harvest and sell honey in as near it’s natural state as possible.

Raw Bottled Honey

The honey is strained through a fine sieve to remove hive debris (that is a polite way of describing bees that have decided that an afternoon swim in honey would be a splendid thing, or bits wood from the frames, flakes of wax etc). It is purposely NOT filtered, so ensuring that the honey contains the local pollens that the bees wanted in it in the first place. Where Leigh’s Bees honey is labelled “Raw Honey”, bottling took place at the time of extraction from the hive and no warming has taken place at all. If the word “Raw” is absent, any heating of the honey is done in a thermostatically controlled warmer to ensure that is just warm enough to facilitate bottling, without destroying any of its natural taste and enzymes.  A bee feasting from a Leigh’s Bees jar of honey would see little difference from what it would expect to find in the hive.


Leigh's Bees Natural Norfolk Honey

Leigh’s Bees Natural Norfolk Honey

Natural honey, packed in this way, whilst starting clear and liquid, will eventually crystallise (especially the Raw honey). It can be rendered back to a liquid state if desired, by gently heating in warm water. (Supermarket/big brand honey that stays clear on the shelves for an eternity has been filtered and processed to within an inch of it’s life, comes from a variety of countries across the globe, and is a far inferior product.)

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