Leigh’s Bees make a wide range of honeys, according to the season. The jars are a full 1lb (454g).

Apple Orchard Honey was gathered by Leigh’s Bees whilst pollinating Fenland apple orchards. Other spring blooms were also in flower. This has resulted in a delightful honey with a slight apple aftertaste.

Borage Honey is gathered by Leigh’s Bees foraging Summer flowering borage fields. The beautiful pale colour complements its delicate flavour.

Floral Honey is produced when Leigh’s Bees forage nectar from a variety of wildflower meadows, both in Norfolk and Leicestershire. Darker in colour than Borage Honey, the taste is slightly deeper.

Heather Honey is gathered by Leigh’s Bees foraging the Duke of Rutland’s heather moors in the Peak District. Turning the moors purple in August, Heather produces a honey distinct in flavour and texture.

Hedgerow Honey is gathered by Leigh’s Bees from hedgerows, meadows and farmland. It sets to a very smooth texture and has a mild flavour.

Ivy Flower Honey is a bonus crop if autumn is mild, providing a final nectar flow for Leigh’s Bees before the onset of winter. We only harvest Ivy Honey if there is a surplus above and beyond the bees own consumption needs. The bees forage Ivy Flowers in the hedges and woodland around their home base at Narford, producing a very pale honey which sets hard soon after bottling.

Lime Tree Honey is gathered by Leigh’s Bees working Lime Trees (Linden) and other flowers from the surrounding countryside. It has a rich aroma and a multi-layered taste.

Sea Lavender Honey is foraged by Leigh’s Bees working from hives on the edge of the coastal salt marshes at various locations along the North Norfolk coast, when the marshes turn purple with Sea Lavender flowers in mid summer. It has a unique taste and is particularly delicious with cheese.

Spring Honey is gathered by Leigh’s Bees foraging Spring blooms, trees and fields of Oilseed Rape. It sets quickly and is favoured by those preferring a hard honey.

Woodland Honey is gathered by Leigh’s Bees foraging local woodland, along with flowers from the surrounding countryside. This honey is rich, dark and has a deep flavour.

Borage Cut Comb Honey is 100% natural honey comb, made by Leigh’s Bees working in the Borage field hives. This is available, bathed in more Borage honey, in 535g kilner jars.

Ivy Flower Honeycomb is a wonderful way to experience the goodness of raw Ivy Honey. It sets on the comb resulting in a consistency and texture similar to hard fudge. Eat in ‘bits’ as an alternative to confectionery, slice on to toast or try with blue cheese.