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You will find every jar of Leigh’s Bees honey just as the bees created it. Our honey is unprocessed, apart from coarse straining to remove impurities and, where necessary, gentle warming to allow bottling.

Our carefully placed apiaries enable Leigh’s Bees to forage a specific range of nectar depending on the time of year and location. That may be sea lavender from the saltmarshes of the North Norfolk coast, swathes of summer flowering blue borage flowers, the Derbyshire heather moors or the ivy-clad hedgerows and woodland of their ‘winter base’ at Narford. We know the origin of each and every jar of honey, all of which are unblended because we believe that the bees know best. In this way our honeys retain their own unique tastes.

You can view footage of Leigh’s Bees at work, collecting nectar and storing it in the hive. From time to time we will activate our live beehive video feed.