About Leigh’s Bees

Leigh’s Bees was established by bee keeper, Leigh Goodsell. Leigh’s family moved to Norfolk when he was nine-years-old and he quickly met a life-long friend at school. “My best friend kept bees – of course I wanted to keep bees too,” says Leigh.

Within a couple of years Leigh had saved sufficient pocket money to buy his first hive. Recalling the purchase, “they were the most evil bees in history. I’m not quite sure how anyone could have sold them to an 11-year-old. They stung everyone within a 100 meter radius, including my mother who believed the old wives tale that telling the bees the news of the house was the way forward. Basically they wreaked havoc – but I learnt a lot from them and I was hooked.”

Leigh went to London seeking fame and fortune, but found neither. On returning to Norfolk in 1986 the lure of the bees soon had him back in his bee veil: “I missed the country lifestyle, London wasn’t for me. I now feel incredibly lucky to spend my days working with the bees. My life revolves with the seasons and I continue to be awestruck by these remarkable creatures.

“It’s an exhausting occupation at times, but the most satisfying moments are often associated with the intoxicating aroma that envelops me when taking the top off a happy and productive hive. The hum of 80,000 contented bees going about their business is a very relaxing music.”