Leigh’s Bees make a wide range of honeys, and availability varies according to the season. Most are bottled in 350g jars. Rare honeys, or those for which achieving a bottled state is particularly time consuming, are in 250g (Cold Spun Ivy, Buckwheat and Sea Lavender) or 225g (Cold Pressed Heather) jars.

Apple Blossom Honey

Apple Blossom Honey is gathered by Leigh’s Bees whilst pollinating Fenland and Norfolk apple orchards. This results in a delightful honey with a slight apple aftertaste.

Fava Bean Honey

Bean & Bramble Honey is gathered by Leigh’s Bees from fields of flowering Fava Beans and surrounding Bramble hedgerows. Currently out of stock.

Blossom Soft Set Honey

Blossom Soft Set Honey is mostly Spring Blossom honey but combined with a small amount of a secret English honey in such a way that it sets to a soft, easily spreadable consistency.

Borage Honey

Borage Honey is gathered by Leigh’s Bees foraging Summer flowering borage fields. The beautiful pale colour complements its delicate flavour.

Buckwheat Honey

Buckwheat Honey is gathered by bees from fields of Buckwheat, yielding a honey renowned for its powerful aroma and taste. Currently out of stock.

Early Summer Honey

Early Summer Honey is a light, golden honey, gathered from flowers bridging the transition from Spring to Summer.

Floral Honey

Floral Honey is produced when Leigh’s Bees forage nectar from a variety of Norfolk wildflower meadows. Darker in colour than Borage Honey, the taste is slightly deeper.

Heather Honey

Heather Honey is gathered by Leigh’s Bees foraging the Duke of Rutland’s moors in the Peak District. Heather produces a honey distinct in flavour and texture.

Hedgerow Honey

Hedgerow Honey is gathered by Leigh’s Bees from hedgerows, meadows and farmland. It has both subtle and high flavour sensations, with a hint of barley sugar.

Ivy Flower Honey

If conditions from September allow, Leigh's Bees are able to gather one more crop, from Ivy Flowers. It set to a silky, buttery texture and a unique flavour.

Late Summer Honey

Late Summer Honey is a dark, rich honey with notes of malt and molasses. OUT OF STOCK.

Lime Tree Honey

Lime Tree Honey is gathered by Leigh’s Bees working Lime Trees (Linden) and other flowers. It has a rich aroma and a multi-layered taste, with minty hints.

Mid Summer Honey

Mid Summer Honey is a gentle honey with hints of Lime Tree (slightly minty) and Clover. OUT OF STOCK.

Sea Lavender Honey

Sea Lavender Honey is foraged by Leigh’s Bees working from hives on the edge of the coastal salt marshes along the North Norfolk coast. It has a unique taste and is delicious with cheese.

Spring Blossom Honey

Spring Blossom Honey is gathered by Leigh’s Bees foraging Spring blooms, trees including Hawthorn, and fields of Oilseed Rape. It sets quickly and is favoured by those preferring a firmer honey.

Summer Blossom Honey

Summer Blossom Honey is gathered by Leigh’s Bees foraging a variety of blooms, including Fava Beans, Bramble and Borage.

Woodland Honey

Woodland Honey is gathered by Leigh’s Bees foraging local woodland, along with flowers from the surrounding countryside. This honey is rich, dark and has a deep flavour. Currently out of stock.

Leigh's Bees Honeycomb

The products in this row are not currently available to buy online.

Borage Cut Comb Honey

Borage Cut Comb Honey is 100% natural honey comb. This is available, bathed in more Borage honey, in 340g jars.​

Ivy Flower Honeycomb

Ivy Flower Honeycomb sets on the comb resulting in a consistency similar to hard fudge. Eat as a sweet treat or try with blue cheese.

Honeycomb blocks

As well as the Ivy Flower Honeycomb, we occasionally have Lime Tree and Sea Lavender Honeycomb blocks.